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    Viewpoint Resort Management Software

    Most timeshare based resorts in the Australia & New Zealand, along with a rapidly expanding list of global resorts use Viewpoint as their resort management software. Membership and general public web access is via the resort's web site utilising Viewpoint Online.

    All timeshare resorts using Viewpoint as their PMS are linked through a common data store to Dial An Exchange (DAE), RCI & various smaller exchange companies via an automated Interface that facilitates the movement of data back and forth between resorts and exchange companies... Read more

    S2S - Steps to Sale

    Steps to Sale (S2S) is an innovative, highly cost effective, flexible and engaging new online sales presentation tool that has been developed for holiday club sales teams within the timeshare industry. The system is designed to engage both the sales person and customer throughout the sales process to maximize conversions, through the use of interactive features and dynamic content, including interactive questions and highly engaging travel maps... Read more


    CHARM is a custom-built end-to-end solution that captures data from the first point of contact with a sales prospect, through to settlement of a sales contract and activation of a new membership. Developed as a tailored solution for a major client, the software features powerful up-to-the-minute reporting functionality that can be accessed from any device anywhere in the world... Read more

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